Husband and MIL problems

hello guys.. I need some advice..

So my MIL is visiting us from over seas since Augest.. I never had a good relationship with her from day 1 because I was married before and have a Son from my ex- husbsnd and her son was never married and no kids so she feels like her son is better than me because of that..we met 12 years ago married for 10 years we never got along but I always respected her for my husband's sake.. So on Saturday I had an argument with my husband upstairs in our room and she's downstairs nothing major but I guess she heard or whatever.. but I was very sick that day ( I have a heart condition) So I decided to just stay in my room to relax and calm down so I don't start getting heart episodes.. next day I went downstairs said Good morning to her but she ignored me completely,, I went on with my day and had my sister pick me up to go out a little I come back say hi to everyone including my bil no one responded but my bil so I took my kids and went upstairs to sleep.. I couldn't sleep all night from too much thinking so this morning I got up made my kids breakfast hanged out with my kids till 2pm still being ignored even from my husbsnd so I decided to take a nap I go upstairs my husband's comes right after me trying to get the laundry but he started mumbling and trying to make noise so I can't sleep so when he went back downstairs I locked the door so he couldn't start bothering leading to amother argument but he came back upstairs knocking on the door like he will break it, I went to open see what he wants he was gone back down so I heard her asking him is she not opening the door for you? he said Yes but don't worry because I will kick her out tomorrow and that he would have done it today but just because its Christmas he will wait for tomorrow.. so when I heard that I ran down stairs and asked him who are you planning on kicking out tomorrow he Replied you.. So I was like really? then don't wait until tomorrow and do it now if you can( since his mom came in August he stopped working to stay with her so I pay everything) I was like this is my house and u cannot kick me out but you are welcomed to leave.. both of them started yelling at me and saying very hurtful words and for the 1st time i stand up for myself and said some hurtful words also then he called the cops.. when the cops came he started saying that I'm crazy and he doesn't feel safe so I need to leave.. and I said my side of the story police told us he can't ask either of us to leave because we are married and live together.. So the cops left and I just feel horrible really I can't believe my husband did that to me after all I do for him.. I'm now sitting in my garage typing this and they are in my living room laying down watching movies laughing and having a great time.. what do u guys think about my situation? what would have you done differently? What do you think I should do now? there's a lot of info missing because I'm trying to make a long story short.. thanks in advance.. I just need some advice and support please.. Merry Christmas to all!!