Our Christmas shock 💔


Where do i start, My partner and I have been TTC since August our fingers were crossed :) in October my LMP was October 9 2017 and a few months go by and we have our hopes up for a little rainbow baby, as of 19.12.2017 I was in severe pain all night and felt an odd feeling something was wrong like a massive knot in my side (😭 myself to sleep) the next day 20.12.2017 3pm I didn't get any better so a little trip to the hospital with the partner & our little girl and with in moments I was in for a blood test

At first all signs are saying Appendicitis so either way I'm prepared to go in for surgery, then I'm sent off for a ultrasound to have a good look what might be going on... after a second opinion they look very worried and confirm a ectopic pregnancy it then becomes more serious we are taken back to our room and waited to here from a doctor and surgeon and are now in a situation that the right tube had ruptured due to the size of bubs 2cm by 4cm, so it's about 6:30 and they are prepping me for surgery the realisation kicks in for the both of us and I've broken down in my partners arms with him, whilst doctors rush us "need to be quick" was a life or death situation just 5 days before Christmas the hardest news yet.. 😭😭💔

I did have my right tube removed but lucky enough to still have both ovaries and my left tube.

In the moment of it all I'm crying and afraid just wishing to wake up after surgery and see my family's faces and my god was I happy when I seen them walk through the hospital doors to my room, just to hold them and know it all went ok..

Was grateful to hear the next day I could go home has been a joy to be home minus the pain and medication but my partner and daughter are the best and biggest support in my life ♥️ couldn't have gotten trough this without him xx