I feel weird

Yeah so I’ve been with my SO for a little over a year. He has a really good friend who’s stationed out in Japan and he mentioned sometime last year that he would like my boyfriend to fly out to visit him cause he would be out there for about 4yrs. I kinda just said oh yeah that’s cool, and mentioned that one of my friends plans to study abroad in Japan during the fall within the next few years and that she would like me and my other friends to go visit her. And whatever it was no problem...

Few weeks ago my boyfriend brings up how his friend mentioned the trip again, and my boyfriend talked to his parents about it. He says he’s going to start saving now so he can go sometime during the summer of 2018, and he’s going to be gone for two weeks. And for whatever reason I feel really weird about it?? 1, because he’ll be in a completely different time zone. As of right now we text pretty much all day, we see each other once or twice per week, and I feel like that’ll shake things up a lot. 2, we agreed come January we would start buckling down and saving towards an apartment together, so I feel like this trip will throw us off quite a bit. 3, TWO weeks! 4, ??????

Idk, I kind of feel like I have no right to feel upset/weird about it, and I have no right to tel him I don’t want him to go. He’s grown, he has a job, he can do whatever he wants. I just feel weird being away from this guy I’m tryin to have a future with. Makes me feel weird that he’s deciding to make this huge investment even after we agreed to start an investment together. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone can give me any insight. Is it normal for me to feel some type of way about this? Am I being dumb? Maybe I’m butthurt that he’s not offering to have me come along. But even if he did I can’t afford to pay for a two week long trip, and I can’t afford not to work for two weeks straight. He has a county job so he can swing it a little easier, but idk. I guess I feel left behind. I think...help. 🙁