Girl 1st names that end in "y" sound (y, ey, i, ie) that goes well with middle name Liliana (last name Strickland)

So far, out of TONS of girl names, we've only found two we like - Jacey Liliana and Callie Liliana  (last name Strickland. For boy names we like Timothy Jayce or Zackary Jayce)

Big brother's name is Riley Kain and big sister's name is Serenity Angel. 

☆☆  We don't want any names that sound like or are similar to either of theirs or names that begin with J, K, L, R, S, X, Y, Z. 

If you have any 2 or 3 syllable girl name suggestions that sound good/flow well with the middle name Liliana, we would greatly appreciate it if you share them with us. Thank you!