“Gas pain” was actually labor


Baby’s due date was December 20th. I have been active all pregnancy and the 19th we went for an hour walk. Came back home, sat on my yoga ball while eating my dinner salad. I shower and get into bed it’s 10:30. I wake up at 12:40AM to a pain that felt like gas but a little stronger. I get up to pee lay back down and jump on Pinterest. 10 min later I have the same pain only this time I feel like I have diarrhea. Diarrhea comes and pains continue. I hadn’t experienced any pains during the pregnancy so I decided maybe I’ll start keeping track of these pains like they were contractions. (Thinking I’d go past my due date) I’m having “contractions” 3-5 min apart and every other time the contractions would last 90 seconds. I begin to feel Nauseous and decide to google signs you’re in labor (everyone says you’ll know when it’s time but I just wasnt sure). My symptoms reflected I was in labor. I wake my husband up after an hour and ask him to read this article and compare my contractions to see if I’m labor. (I’ve read so many stories where women thought they were labor and Weren’t) my husband gets up starts reading looks at my log for and says we need to go to the hospital.

And the vomiting begins. We arrive at the hospital, they hook me up and start monitoring Me. At this point a contraction comes and I ask if it’s really a contraction because it feels like bad gas, nurse laughs so hard and say yes that’s absolutely a contraction. We laugh it off and she checks me, I’m 5 cm. She then tells me I’m having a baby today! (Yay!!! The day is finally here). We get sent to L&D; get hooked up and wait. Turns out my contractions were coupled. I would have 3-5 min contractions but some would last 45 sec and the next ones after the “break” would be 2 min long! Nurses tell me those are the worst contractions to have. I’m dilating quickly and get to an 8. At this point Nausea and pain are getting to me and I’m thinking how can I deliver this baby while throwing up? Even though I planned for a natural birth, I decided to get an epidural due to the nausea. The Anesthesiologist places the epidural, I go on to labor and feel no more contractions due to the numbness from epidural. Doctor checks me 3 hours later and delivers the news that I’m still at an 8, my cervix is now swollen, baby’s head is too big, baby pooped inside me and baby has become distressed. At this point a C-section is the only option. I totally didnt want this as an option, but what could be done.

One hour later our little Baby London was born. We wanted our baby to surprise us with her/his gender and she did!! (Although I felt We were having a girl). Our baby is more than we could ever dream up and we have been enjoying her presence non stop. Seems Like she’s already a strong individual who is punctual, especially since she decided to join us on her estimated due date :).

C-Section is kicking my butt, I’m in so much pain, can hardly walk, showering is another story and forget about putting on my own underwear or bottoms. Praying this doesn’t last too much longer 5 days postpartum and so much pain. Baby is worth it though when I look into her sweet face!