Help! Family mbr hoarding

*please no rude comments, this is a very sensitive subject for me*. I have a family member whom is a moderate hoarder . This family member’s house is in extremely unsanitary conditions( I.e. human and animal feces all over the place , mold, excessive dust and garbage, and fly and rodent infestation) and the house can not be used as a house because the hoarding has gone to far. For ex, we can use the bathrooms and kitchen in the house because the hoarding has gone to far and the house also has structural damage.

I’m currently 18w and I want to know what if any effect being in those conditions can have on my baby? I try to limit my time in that house to a couple of hours once a month. I’ve tried to confront the family member about their hoarding but the family member always goes into attack mode.

What’s worse is , once the baby is born my husband is refusing to allow they baby to go to this family members house. Which I know is right. But how do I politely tell someone that unless you clean up your house my baby can’t come over ?