15 & pregnant

I been with my boyfriend a year and a half and I recently found out I’m pregnant although we had been assuming I was for a while I was scared so I didn’t tell anyone. This weekend before Christmas i had to say something to someone because I’ve missed 3 period and I’m starting to get bigger and I’m ALWAYS tired. So after I took 2 tests & both were positive we got an appt schedule for an abortion in a few days Assuming I’m a little over 12 weeks I have an ultrasound and all that and have to get dilated and my procedure will be the day after. I know it’s my body and fully my choice but I felt like my boyfriend should be involved in the decision as well and he made it clear he wasn’t ready and I’m not either.

***I am against abortion like if it’s just because you know? Like if you continuously get pregnant just to get rid of it. Unless you can’t for your health (the baby could kill you) or you can’t financially emotionally or physically support your child in a way because that would be selfish *i believe* that you shouldn’t do it. but I’m only saying this because I have to really go against my personal beliefs because of the circumstances I am in currently so this is hard for me and not only that but I am 15 and I’m already so emotional I just don’t know if I can handle this but I can’t be selfish and bring a child into this world knowing I can’t provide for my child I’m in high school I can’t drive yet and I only work in the summer this whole situation is just so stressful but the people in my household don’t know because I live in such a toxic house, I have to hide it from them and my siblings.

Anyways I just felt I needed to get this off my chest and maybe some people could reassure me that I am making the right decision 😓