Christmas time


Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. So it’s officially been 3 years for us TTC and I.T has not been an easy for Christmas, I bought my sister in law a mother’s ring. And she was over the moon excited. And my husband saw how sad I was because I want to be a mom so bad, and to be honest, I.T made me feel some type of way....then Christmas morning, my husband gives me this...and he says to me, “you know, we may not have a human baby, but we do have a fur baby and you’re the best mother to her. So I got you this. Just know that she loves you just as much as a baby would. And god will bless us with our baby soon.” I’m so in love with my necklace. And that’s right, my fur baby is my baby and she’s cuter than all the babies i know 😂❤️ just wanted to share the sweetness and compassion my husband showed me yesterday, and every day!