Hey guys I’m new 👋🏾


Hey everyone I’m new to this group but I️ have A LOT that I️ want to say. Let me start off by saying I️ am 19 years old I️ have a WELL paying job I️ pay my OWN phone bill and I’m saving up huge wads of money so that I️ can move on to bigger and better things. I’ve been living between my mom and aunt for years now every since I️ was a kid I️ would live with one or the other for a year or two etc. This family is SO dysfunctional it doesn’t even make any sense my auntie and my grandma then talk about people behind their backs their own FAMILY like they’re dogs or something. So just a couple minutes ago I️ wake up hearing my auntie complain and nag how no one washed the dishes they live here and sleep her and don’t clean and all that other stuff mind you she was talking about my uncle and his girlfriend cause I️ haven’t been to her house in a while and my cousin always cleans her kitchen when he gets down here right so now all of a sudden she saying that I️ should have washed the dishes and all that like I️ don’t live here and I️ just got here last night after being at my cousin house for a little bit giving them their gifts but now all of a sudden she wants to flip the script on me and say I️ didn’t wash the dishes and then goes to say that I️ don’t know how to wash dishes and that I️ don’t know how to make dish water and then my grandma decides to tag along and say that’s why she doesn’t let me wash the dishes and that she washes her own dishes and seriously NO she does not her nor my mother wash those dishes in the sick they sit up there and let them shits pile up and make me do it because they are lazy and wanna take freaking pills all day to stop being in pain. Now my auntie down here telling my cousin the same thing and I’m sitting right her wide awake. Like seriously I️ hate this family they are just ridiculous and they talk behind your back like you are absolutely NOTHING and DO NOT CARE. It didn’t bother me as much cause I’m planning to leave this hell hole anyway but you know what I️ DEFINITELY cannot WAIT to move out because I️ want to just be away from them I️ hate them and they always want me to give them money and do this and do that NO. I️ ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to be around these negative people all my life they’ve mad my life a living hell ever since I️ was first a teenager oh yeah and they make me babysit for hours and hours and hours while they wanna go have free time at the casino and they get paid to babysit but I️ don’t. I️ honestly don’t even care anymore. I’m out of my lazy years I️ do what I️ have to do for myself and nobody else💯.

P.S. some of you may say some negative things but that’s fine and you may also say I️ could’ve washed dishes but honestly why should I️ have to touch something I️ haven’t touched in months I️ don’t even live here anymore.