So I'm 29 years old. Married. Off BC for 6 months now. I heard it takes 3 to get out of your system. We have been TTC technically for 6 months I guess. Not stressing but just off BC and seeing what happens. I had been using another app to track things but just joined this one a few weeks ago. Two days ago AF came. 1 days early according to 1 app and 2 days early according to the other. I have been super nauseous though and that's what's worrying me. I have been on BC since I was 17 so I dont really know what a 'real period' feels like. Is being this nauseous normal? I have heard that you can think you're having AF but its really the egg attaching. How heavy would AF be? This one is about my regular flow. I got a few pimples as normal too. What do you ladies think?