Positive Test w/symptoms and Test Info


Good morning! After suffering through a horrible bought of gastrointestinal infection for 2 days (yes through Christmas) I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive!! Woohoo!

I know everyone has different symptoms, but for me, some things for me that were different this cycle compared to others:

-Emotions started going crazy about a week past ovulation

-Slight breast tenderness on the sides under my arms

-Cramping that was different from period cramps (more sudden twinges than dull/ache)

-Creamy cm

-High cervical position

-Received negative pregnancy tests up to 12/24. Didn't test 12/25 and had clear positive on 12/26

Now, I am just praying for this pregnancy to stick after having a MMC in early September. Good luck to everyone trying and those already carrying their sweet baby.