frustrated πŸ˜₯

Queen_BeeπŸ‘‘πŸ β€’ Queen_beeπŸπŸ‘‘

okay so idk if I should test I tested a month ago and it was negative so I decided that I wasn't going to test again bc it would make me really sad to another negative after I test two days later I got my period . my husband says I should test again we don't have sex with a condom but he pulls out thing is I have felt so odd 😭

nasusa morning through the day

craving spicy stuff

bloated these last two months 😭

back pains

sleepy tired

mood swings

pee alot

dreams about milk coming out of my boobs

nipples are different

boobs are tender

abdomen cramps/pains

I want to test

but I know I'm not pregnant

but my husband tells me to take a test at least to make sure