Most amazing rebound sex (in detail)

*UPDATE* Added the second time in the sexiest of detail for you ladies 😩💦

I have just come out of a very messy breakup 2 months ago, I’ve been feeling quite lonely and self conscious of the way I look! On Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> eve I went on a night out and saw an old friend there, a beautiful brown haired, stubbled , blue eyed, 6ft.5 beauty. He was always the guy I fancied in school but never had the nerve to talk. He came up to me with his charming cheeky smile and kissed me on the cheek saying you look so beautiful, haven’t seen you in ages. He messaged me the next morning and said he is so attracted to me so I bit the bullet and said come around for “tea”. I knew well it was just a bang but I didn’t care, I wanted him.

He showed up, up in my bedroom we talked and laughed about the old times in school. He looked at me with such confidence and said “mind if I get in next to you?” I laid there on his shoulder for 10 minutes continuously chatting and the sexual tension was unbelievable. I was so wet for him, I wanted him inside of me.

The tension got so much I looked up at him and he kissed me so passionately, he said “I don’t want to hurt you, do you want me to be rough or soft with you”. I could barely get my words out I was so turned on, “Rough!!” I said. He kissed me again, I ran my fingers through his hair and beard 😍🙌🏼 He lifted my leg up on to him, I could feel how hard he was for me, he started grabbing my bum and really squeezing, rubbing his hand analysing ever part of it. He said “you are so sexy, you know that? Your bum is perfect”. I must have been glowing in confidence 🙈 He was tugging anyway at my waistline. I whispered in his ear “take them off” he said “are you sure? (So sweetly)”. I had the most sexy Victoria secret underwear on, black crossed lace all up my backside, he stopped what he as doing, physically pushed me over stared at my bum for a good 15 seconds and went “holy mother of god, I am the luckiest man alive”.

He kissed me again pulling me on top of him, he took his shirt off, his perfect hairy chest, six pack, omfg 😍🙌🏼 he took my top off and grabbed and tugged on my boobs and sucked them while I was still on him. He grabbed my arse so tight, slapped it so hard. Moving my hips back and forth teasing me with his erection. He roughly pushed me over and started fingering me while kissing my neck, within five seconds I was squirting all over the place, all up my stomach, all over him. He went down on me and licked me out, his tongue had me screaming for more!!! He sucked on my clit while fingering me at the same time and I squirted all in his mouth. “Good girl” he said 💦💦💦

I flipped him over, slid down under the sheets and went down on him, I slowly licked around the lining of his jeans, slowly undoing his buttons. He was moaning and breathing so heavily. Once opened I rubbed his dick in between my boobs where my cum had squirted and sucked it, deep throated slowly teasing him, I went down a little further with my tongue and put pressure up and down his gooch and gently sucking his balls! He said it felt amazing, he’s never had that done before and if I didn’t stop he was going to come all over me!

He slipped on a condom, pushed me on my back, pulled my legs around him and slipped him self inside of me. He leant towards me looking into my eyes and kissed me throughout. He held me so tight thrusting himself inside me. He kept fingering me throughout saying “come for me baby, I need you to come” it didn’t take very long, the second I come again he pounded me again 😍

He grabbed me by the hair and flipped me over into the doggy position and slapped my arse leaving a sting. He put his hands on mine and lifted them to the headboard and said “hold on tight”. He grabbed my boobs and fucked me so hard and pounded himself into me. His hands were all over me, in any place, each lump and bump he grabbed. We were both dripping in sweat, I was screaming more and both him and I moaning uncontrollably. He ripped off the condom and come all over my ass and back 💦💦💦

after going to the bathroom and cleaned myself up, I came back into the room to see him cleaning himself, he was turned to the side so I could see his muscles shoulders, his toned bum and very long thick dick. Safe to say the cleaning myself was pointless as I got wet again just looking at him.

I put down a towel on the soaking bed next to him and he cuddled me. He said he never even dreamed of being able to get with the girl he fancied in school.... my heart was going nuts!!😍😍😍

After half hour of talking and laughing together he kissed me again, his tongue touching every sweet spot in and around my mouth. He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his penis. He said “I will last longer this time, I promise, I just find it so hard to last with you😍”. “Don’t be stupid, you’re amazing, I haven’t come this much in two years so 5 minutes or half hour of sex with you satisfies all my needs” I said. He blushed, grabbing my bum and kissed me once again. “I love your bum, it is actually unbelievable. You turn me on so fucking much, I can’t keep my hands off you, I’m embarrassing myself” he said.

This time I took control in the beginning, sucking his dick as fast and hard as I pleased, teasing him until he could take no more. I slid on top of his dick, and rode him, he pulled my hips back and forth with force grabbing my boobs, nipping my nipples every few seconds. I laid by chest against his and kissed him and bounced my arse up and down 🍆🍑 he grabbed my neck, pushed me back until he was on top and fucked me so hard, powerful thrusts of passion. I was grabbing my sheets in desperation to stop screaming so hard. I caught some of my dripping come and put my finger in his mouth where he sucked the taste of me 💦💦💦

He then, pulled out, I could see my cum dripping down his dick, he stood up on the side of the bed and pulled my hips forcefully towards him as I was bent over on the bed. Rubbing his hands up and down my back he fucked me, fucked me harder than I’ve ever been before. He pulled my hair, and put my hands into the handcuffed position and pushed down on my arched back. I was screaming for more when he pulled out, flipped me over and come all over my boobs and face. The look of passion in his eyes, made me feel so special even though I was probably just a fuck but we’ve known eachother since we were four, it was always going to happen.

I know nothing will come of this as we both don’t want relationships but, without a doubt it was the most amazing sex Ive ever had. This beautiful man kissed me the whole way through the sex, not even my ex boyfriend of two years made me feel as beautiful, sexy and wanted. He left at 1am Christmas Day, kissed me, squeezed my ass and said Merry Xmas beautiful, I’ll definitely be seeing you soon. Gave me a cheeky smile and left! ☺️

Let’s just say Santa Clause came early with a great Big Bang 😂🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼