How do you know if you’re waters have broke?


I wrote a post yesterday about being34+2 days pregnant and whilst me and my partner were fooling around last night I felt a hush of fluid from my vagina hole not wee hole and it left a wet patch on the bed. I was wondering whether it was my waters so I put a pad on and went to sleep and nothing else came. Until today at approximately 5pm I stood up from the table and another gush happened, I was already wearing a pad and it wasn’t enough to soak through but for it to be wet, it’s see through clear fluid. I am experiencing cramps but nothing painful probably Braxton Hicks. But since then I haven’t had another gush. Could this be my waters? Do you think I need to go in? I know people say that you know when your waters break, but I have read on the internet that not all your waters break at once etc. What do you guys think?