BFP!!!? :O


AF was due the 15th took a test the 12th vvvfl but then all after that were negative had a blood test 21st that was also negative...took this today after being 11 days late just feeling like I am, never been so late....this was within 2 mins and it got darker within the next few mins...wish I had tested yesterday...guys...I'm so scared and excited!!! this is my first!!! by my last period I'd be about 5 weeks 4 days !!! BF is going to go get digital to confirm, feel bad can't even freak out about it rn as his kids are over and all I wanna do is talk to him and freak and cuddle up and celebrate!

UPDATE!! did the digital! Its the one with the lines flashing to "count down" to the result...peed, there was 1 bar flashing, got up to wash hands there were 2 bars...drying them, 3 bars flashing...before I could even open the door to wait for it with my BF, THE RESULT FRICKIN FLASHED ON THE SCREEN!!!πŸ˜„ NOT EVEN A MINUTE AFTER I PEED ON IT! I'm so excited and happy!

am I the only one who doesn't want the digital to die so I can stare at it forever??? πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚