Pregnant with #2

Alicia • mommy of 2 💙, 🌈💗😍💍 with 2 👼

Okay so with my first I was 110 pounds and tiny I didn’t show until about 6 months and I just recently found out I’m pregnant with number two. And I wasn’t on the small side this time about 161 now 168 and I feel like I’m huge this time my stomach wasn’t super flat before getting pregnant this time but I mean I’m the past few days it’s gotten round.

I’m Any we’re between 7 W 2 days to 4w 2days I have no clue because I had 3 periods last month and was told everything’s normal to find out two weeks later(just 4-5 days ago) get a positive test. So my question is has anyone showed so soon or showed like this then turned out to be farther along than expected?

I have a tipped uterus but I don’t know in which direction it’s tipped if that matters