Greatest Christmas Gift


So, at the beginning of this year (2017), I was so disheartened because i thought i would never be able to carry my own child. June came i was pregnant, and as soon as August came, my pregnancy was over. I couldnt possibly regain my strength back from my 8th miscarriage and issue with unexplained infertility. So i had ONE Christmas wish! & that was to be pregnant and start the process of growing my family. Unfortunately i wasn't blessed with my only Christmas wish, but i received something better! I received more faith, hope, love, and patience with myself just by being around those i love. I promise ladies if we be patient with ourselves, we will get our amazing MIRACLE/WISH! IT WILL HAPPEN FOR ALL OF US THIS YEAR! If you need encouragement, reach out to someone so you KNOW you aren't alone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!