Just a rant but some advice and opinions ??

I’m in a 8 going on 9 year relationship and I love my SO to death! We been together since we were 12 years old. He knows me in and out and I know him in and out and we’re each others best friends..there’s just one problem..I feel like I’m the only one who makes 100 percent effort when it comes to us having problems. Example one: There’s time YES where I don’t really want to be around his family and I don’t like the things they say or do BUTTTT I still treat them with respect and love them like there my own my family. If I dislike something they do I keep it to myself and look past it but if my family does something to set him off he automatically just shuts down and explodes and talks crap to his family about mine..(Which I never do) and doesn’t speak a word to my family when we’re around them..every holiday/event is spent with his which I don’t mind because his family is more family like than my own..mine isn’t very close and show love to one another. I know my family has done a lot to get him to this point but it’s not like his family hasn’t done their own share of things to him and I to make me feel some way. He recently got into a car accident and they it all I was the only one there for him day to night and when he went home I had to care extra for him helping him get on and off the bed and using his walker and getting him to the bathroom and in and out the shower..(ill never throw this in his face because I love him and I don’t mind doing it for him because I love him) especially at the time of his accident a month before that he broke up with me and started liking some other girl who had a boyfriend..(but that’s a different story) my point is i do whatever it takes for him to be happy but when it comes to me it’s such a job to make me happy or do what I want. He’s all about himself. When he’s working and he gets money it’s all for him but when I’m working and I get money all my check goes to important stuff and whatever I have extra it goes to him. I’m not perfect I do my share of faults in this relationship I’m jealous and I ask for a lot of attention and i can be a brat. Sometimes he’ll just wake up and be grouchy that day just because he wants to and isn’t in the mood. I love him and yes I would love to be happy alone or with someone who appreciates me but at the end he’s all I know and he makes me laugh and feel secure and calms me when I’m overwhelmed he’s like my home and if we let go and he gets someone else I would feel hurt because I go to the moon and back for him and to see him treat someone better than me would be so heartbreaking. We don’t kiss at all. We have sex YES..we say I love you sometimes but we’re just I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️