What am I doing wrong :( ?


Hey ladies,

So in February this year, we lost our son, Benjamin, at 19 weeks pregnant due to low amniotic fluid and cord prolapse. I was and still am devastated. My emotions are still all over the place. All I keep thinking is that I should have a 6 month old now, keeping me busy and happy.

My husband (28) and I (28) have been trying ever since to fall pregnant again and according to my charts I have been ovulating fine and by myself every month. I have a normal luteal phase - 13 days. The only thing I’m working on is trying to lose a bit of weight.

Why am I not falling pregnant? :(. We seem to dtd pretty much on track for around ovulation. Perhaps we seem to miss ovulation +1 and most the time we seem to only get close to ovulation rather than ovulation day itself. So usually ovulation -1. And other days before.

We didn’t actually try at all when we fell with Benjamin. I think we only dtd once that month and I have no idea when.

Is it possible to never be able to fall pregnant again?? All I want is a happy, healthy baby and I’m finding it hard to cope right now.