Taylor • Mommy to a baby girl ❤️ Diagnosed with ICP. Induction date: 12/21/2017 Due date: 01/08/2018

My baby girl finally made it into this world on Dec 21st at 10:18pm.

I was diagnosed with ICP which made my liver levels sky rocket and made my baby get stressed out in the womb so they had me come in to L&D; on Dec 21st at 6am to be induced at 37 weeks.

They started paperwork, IV’s and pitocin around 7:15am. They broke my water around noon when I was 5cm, thinking that if they broke my water then I would dilate faster but unfortunately I stopped dilating at 7cm, did some tests and found out the baby’s head was crooked so she wasn’t able to come out vaginally PLUS my heart rate and her heart rate was crazy high so they decided my only other choice was csection or else bad things could of happened.

It felt like eternity but my fiancé got dressed up and looked sexy as ever. I got prepped and went on my way to the operating table, my fiancé finally came in and was able to support me. Let’s just say this was very scary. The moment they said congratulations, here’s your blonde haired babygirl and I heard her cry, my life changed and it became so beautiful.

Thankfully we only had to stay 2 nights.

But my babygirl is home, and healthy! I’m home and healthy and sore! So that’s all that matters.

Pictures are below 😍 sorry if I give you baby fever 😂

Aubree Rose




My mommy kissing me before being transferred to the operating table

The moment after we found out I needed a csection

Kisses before daddy went to grab lunch


Selfies at 6am