Godmother my ass 🤐🙄

Cora • Girl Mom | Irish Twins

My cousin is DYING to be godmother. We’re so close in age, only a few months off. We’re also pretty close.

But ever since i got pregnant, I’ve wanted to focus more on my little family instead of always doing holidays like I usually do.

She gives me so much shit for it too. We want to travel a bit to see places before the baby comes in March, so we leave tomorrow. I had a Christmas today on my moms extended side and it’s also our 1 year anniversary so my boyfriend wanted to spend the day with me. I was all for it. My cousin told me it was rude to skip Christmas. We also did thanksgiving by ourselves and she said that was rude too.

If she keeps acting like this, she’s not getting godmother role. She deserves it. She’s a good person. But she’s driving me up a wall for having my own little family 🙄

Has anyone else had this problem ever since they got pregnant?