Baby Logan was such a blessing

Baby Logan was such a blessing. He is the best baby and bet thing in my life I could have ever asked for. I did not have a epidural and felt all the pain but was so magical to give birth to my son. I will forever love you Logan buford. My due date was December 30th asked my doc to be induce, was going to be induce December 26th the day right after Christmas. Well I had an appointment before that Tuesday for a check up and was only dilated to a 1. Me and my husband went to the mall and walked around for a little and to get him some new contacts. Well came home and cleaned so I know my baby was coming to a clean house. Well from coming home and that night I was having some bad contractions. My husband asked if he should take me to the hospital and I said yes. He took me and they check me and I was dilated to a 4, went into labor my own. And the next day, Wednesday in the morning at 10:18 I had baby Logan. 7lb 21 inches. The best Christmas gift mommy and daddy could have ever asked for.