So nervous 😟 UPDATED!!!

Jessica • Army Wife 🇺🇸 Mommy to Mary 👧🏻 Pregnant with #2 🤰🏼💛

I usually don’t want to post my thoughts or feelings or news because there’s always that sting of negative commenters 🙄

But we decided to officially start TTC at the start of the new year. (Birthday reasons our first was born in August)

But then we just.. I’m not on any birth control and we figured we might not get pregnant this cycle anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️ So, we just kind of had fun this month.

But I’m sitting here like okay... 50/50 I would love to see a positive if good old aunt flow is late. But I’m also like... it would be okay if aunt flow shows up because my birthday is in August, my daughters is in August.. and my husbands is in September so lol if I got pregnant this month the due date would be September lol..

But then my mind circles back to, “I don’t care 😁 I want to be pregnant 🤰🏼”

So I’m very... my emotions are all up in the air. I’ll update if anyone reads this lol usually my posts are:

So we’ll see! Like I said I’m 50/50 on it but... all that spells for me is me being emotional either way 🙄

Good luck to anyone TTCing I know it’s not easy I know it takes some of you a long time.. But we all hope that you get your BFP and have a healthy pregnancy ❤️

UPDATE!!!: My period is due on the 29th this Friday. It’s the 27th today and like most TTCing ladies I can’t go to the bathroom in the morning without an internal fight to take a pregnancy test lol

So anyway the urge to take one two days early sinks in because personally I get PMS symptoms like 5 days before my period and I haven’t had any.. so I take one.. and I can’t watch because I know I’ll be emotional either way because of everything I said above 🙄

So.. I took it.

I realize I look so bad forgive me I just woke up 😅 I’m going to not go the bathroom for four hours and take a digital :) I’m also going to get my blood tested later today as well :)

I hope this is real ❤️🤞🏻❤️🤞🏻 I hope this one sticks ❤️❤️❤️ good luck everyone :) baby dust to all 😘❤️