it’s tough

This isn’t a post to excuse what i go through. this isn’t a post to cry about self love. this is a post to openly vent because we all deserve to. 
It’s tough loving someone when you can barely love yourself 
it’s tough knowing what you do is wrong yet cannot seem to stop
it’s tough wanting to better yourself but feeling like you never will
it’s tough knowing you have a mental illness but try not to excuse your behavior because of it
it’s tough watching you hurt someone you love 
it’s tough feeling like you’ll never be on the same page
it’s tough never seeing eye to eye
it’s tough because you don’t know who’s right, what’s wrong, what is the answer, what is not, etc
it’s tough struggling to feel okay when you’re told you aren’t good enough for the one you love
it’s tough having different views
it’s tough but i just want to know that it’s possible to work through it