Hey guys this is my first post here so please have patience with me.

I met a guy 8 months ago who lives 5 hours (by plane) away from me and we are both studying and working, so moving is not an option here yet.

Anyway, I guess you all would say that communication is the key to a LDR right? Well me too, however my bf obviously doesn't think so. He tells me he loves me and etc., however sometimes days go by without him checking up on me, sometimes he just leaves me on read for 8+ hours and sometimes he doesn't even reply. Anytime I get mad about that he says he is doing his best and that I'm driving him crazy but I told him million times he can just tell me he's busy but that he's okay so I won't have to worry about him or that he isn't in the mood or ANYTHING literally anything is better than no response at all. Sometimes I tell him on purpose that (for example) I'm upset or sad but he never asks why, when I ask him how his day was he replies just "good", or when I tell him something he replies "hmm", and I'm sorry but this is just rude in my opinion.

He says I'm just needy and that relationships doesn't have to be all about staying in touch 24/7, however, since we are in LDR I think communication is pretty important.

What do you think guys? Am I wasting my time with him? I love him but sometimes I feel like this ain't going anywhere..