Hey, im Emma and I've recently turned 15. At my heaviest I was 205 pounds. Just over two months ago I started having meal replacements for breakfast and lunch and lost nearly 2 stone. however, I'm sooooooooooo scared of putting the weight back on in the new year as I vowed to eat normally. I got a rowing machine for Christmas and plan to use it effectively but I have no faith in myself as I haven't dropped a size in any clothes and am still a size 16 😒 . My confidence is dwindling after being bullied at school for so long. Although I am very sporty, I wish I was slim like all my friends at school and muscular like all my friends at rugby. I have a little brother who can eat all day and gain no weight because he is so young so snacks are always easily accessible and I can't help myself and I don't know what to do. any tips/ideas would be highly appreciated ❀️❀️❀️