He tore me.. TMI

So yesterday my boyfriend and I had sex in the living room. I had sucked his dick and then pulled my pants down and bent over on the couch. When he was trying to enter me, it was hurting. So he fingered me to try and move my wetness. Well when he was pulling his fingers out, I don't know what happened but it hurt, like he had pulled up or something lol I don't know. Then he finally entered me, the sex was fantastic, he came in my mouth, blah blah blah. So I pulled up my pants and my ass felt really wet lol. I asked if maybe he kinda came on my ass. He swore he didn't. So I went to the bathroom and he followed me. I sat down and he was all "Babe, you have red shit all over your mouth.." bruh. IT WAS BLOOD! I bled so freaking much lol. His dick was covered and it was all over his shirt. I used a tampon to control the blood. I just put it like sideways in the slit lol. It hurt pretty bad. But today it is not bleeding and doesn't hurt too bad. Just if I move funny. This has never happened to me lol. He scraped me with his nail once and I think that hurt worse lol. He felt so bad, he almost cried lol. I got a free back massage out of it though! Haha.

Update: Y'all's some judgy bitches lol.

I didn't taste or notice it because I just barely put the tip in my mouth and it was dark lol. Believe me. I wouldn't have if I saw his dick all bloody.

Zen: Yes I'm good! Thanks doll :)