Ex Husband & His New Girlfriend


I know already that everyone will say it will get easier but I find that so hard to believe . My ex and I just got divorced two weeks ago . We were together for 9 years , married for two . Have an amazing son who is 16 months old and my whole world . My ex cheated on me for three years and I didn’t know about it and I was so devastated and still am . I am only whole because of my son . We separated in may and we were still trying “to work it out “ . Until End Of June when I found out he was talking to someone else again . Middle of August is when he started flaunting his new relationship all over social media , it took less than a month for him to move her in to his condo . And it’s been a struggle back and forth between my ex and I ever since . He still makes his comments to me about loving me and so forth . Knowing my son spent Christmas with her and him breaks my heart into a million pieces . I do not want her around my son ! I don’t care if anyone says that’s makes me insecure . He is my world my everything the only reason I have made it this long in life . Idk what to do . When I don’t have my son I am in a hole of depression .

I just wish there was a way he could see his dad cause I know he needs his dad but not be around his dads girlfriend :((((