Our growing little family. ♡


17 months ago I got my maternity pictures done for my first pregnancy with my healthy, happy, adorable rainbow baby.

I was a high risk pregnancy, as I'd endured 5 miscarriages prior. I was terrified but I was closely monitored and everything went amazingly. I gave birth October 1st, 2016. I had a beautiful 9lb, 5.7 oz little boy. he's going to be 15 months old next week.

I decided I wanted another baby, so we planned to try again. it happened within the first month, to my utter disbelief!

I'm 8w2d today. this is my second ultrasound from last week. I'm so thankful that our little nugget has a strong healthy heartbeat. in fact, I was measuring 4 days bigger than I had been before. they expect this baby to be just as huge, which is slightly terrifying, but exciting. I'm so happy that our little family is growing.

Happy Holidays, and may you all be blessed abundantly. ♡