Can this be the start of menopause?


I am 40 and we are ttc for almost 5 months now. Our first child took almost a year of ttc. I am almost regular with my monthly period. 2 or 3 give or take but around that. This is the first time in my life that my period is late for more than 5 days. AF was due on the 23rd according to G. Which is 31d in my cycle. I am now on 34days and no signs of AF. Took pregnancy test on the 24mornign and I got a BFN. I am nervous thinking maybe I am just starting to see sign of menopause. My periods are lighter in the last few years. 2 days and a the third one is just spotting. I am seeing my dr. In two weeks but just anxious. Please let me know your experiences. I don’t think I am pregnant. I will test it again in a few days though