Any terrified 2nd time moms?


With my first pregnancy I had no clue what to expect when the baby arrived. Didn't think about waking up every 2 hours for several months, the constant fatigue, the postpartum hormone bombardment, the lack of showering or going to the bathroom at will ... all the horrible stuff we forget, lol. Now with this pregnancy, after a miscarriage that was an oops pregnancy btw, I am constantly anxious. There is no distracting myself. And of course, because mommy shaming is everywhere, I feel guilty for being anxious, and thus more anxious. We definitely wanted this pregnancy. I'm an only child and didn't want that for my son, but I'm so nervous endlessly. I'm only 5 weeks, so no ultrasound appointment yet or appointment with doc about this being viable pregnancy. Am I the minority? 😬