Receiving head.. (female)

Okay you guys. Im going to get straight to the point. I’m 21, in college, have a boyfriend and in a healthy relationship. i feel like as a woman, you should give your man head, even if he doesn’t ask. My boyfriend told me he doesn’t want me to do that because he looks at me like a queen and feels like i shouldn’t (but i do sometimes lol 😌) .. okay I’m getting off topic. Soooo, I’ve never had a problem with my smell or anything like that, but i do love eating hot foods, i don’t drink that much water, i eat fruit every now and then, and i don’t eat a lot of junk food. I’ve always been a little skeptical about receiving head because i was scared that i would not taste so good. I’ve received head from a guy once and he said that i tasted good, but when he was talking to me, his breath smelled like old pennies 😳. I’m just like .. omg (thinking to myself, why does it smell like that).

Never got any bad comments from him only positive..

Now my boyfriend, he tries all the time but I’m scared to let him because i feel like the same thing may happen to him.

Just my damn luck, when he did .. it smelled the same. Do you guys think it tastes like it smells, how can i improve that?


Cleaning tips, eating tips, tips please...

i know that eating fruit can help with your taste but exactly how long should i eat fruit prior to having sex or receiving oral sex?

Please answer all questions.

I’m begging you haha.

Also, i take 2-3 showers a day. Never miss a shower & i use dove white soap .. no scented