I just found out my lover, whom recently we chose to separate but are still friends, has gotten someone pregnant.

Man oh man oh man...

Heart on the ground

I have a child from a previous relationship and that's always hurt him, now I suppose I really know how he feels.

I, of course, am going to be there in support and love. I don't want to make him feel bad and I'm not even mad. It just kind of sucks, we miscarried Y E A R S ago and hasn't been anything since then, just kind of heart it isn't ours and that this is a happening as it is. I know he's going to be a beautiful father and am happy he has finally getting the chance to truly experience such a love... but damn guys I feel a little selfish being so upset lol

I'm one of those people who's bodies are in tune with their emotions so I've been S I C K all day.

Supportive words anyone? Again... not upset with him and he

did nothing wrong, I'm just hurt.