Big Baby

Alisha • 27 Y/O first time mommy. Due in April

Hey ladies. I just wanted to know if any of you have had a similar experience to the one I've had today. I'm 24 weeks today and I went in for a regular prenatal visit. I've done my anatomy scan and a follow up scan because they couldn't get good enough pictures of the 4 cylinder heart. Today I was told that they are referring me to a high risk specialist because they have better machines to see the heart and because he apparently grew from the 73rd percentile to the 97th in 3 weeks. She said it doesn't make sense that he'd grow that much especially since I've continually lost weight this whole pregnancy. She also stated that the machines or measurements could be off but "something isn't right". I was warned that "big babies shoulders could get stuck during vaginal delivery" and then told "oh, well they can get stuck during a C-section too and the healing is horrible." She was "helping out today" because my dr was out but I'm a first time mom and she surely freaked me out. Anyone have experiences with babies this big or has anyone experienced tremendous growth spurts? Any off measurements? I don't see the specialist until Jan 8 so I'll just be going out of my mind until then.