Dear Ex

Please leave me alone. Every time you pop up in my feed or ask my friends to talk to you, I panic. I stress. I’m on the verge of tears as I write this. You say you want to talk to me, but I feel you want more than just a simple chat. Please leave me alone, why can’t you disappear? It’s been months since we’ve last seen each other. Why can’t you accept that it’s over? That I don’t want you anymore? That you make me extremely uncomfortable? Why can’t you respect what I want? I try to keep ignoring you. I’ve blocked you; yet, you still create multiple accounts and even poke at my friends to talk to you. Please leave me alone... That’s what I told you before I left. I told you good luck on your life as we parted ways. I told you that we are going on our separate paths now. I was respectful. I was mature. I was serious. I was hoping you would be too. I was hoping you would understand our new terms now. Every time you pop up, I get scared. I tense up. I overthink about all the dirt you have on me. I wish you could just simply disappear. Sometimes, I wish I could disappear so you would never be able to track me down.