Late xmas present BFP!


We have been trying since May. So I figured the chances of a BFP for xmas was low. I always stop drinking about 6 days out from AF. So the first none drinking day was xmas, though I don't know if anyone noticed, since I was busy running around, as it was the first time we had it at ours.

Next day we drove up to stay with his family. They definitely noticed me not drinking, but we assured those that asked that we were only TTC. So today I am 12 dpo and figured I should check as it is now New years <a href="">eve</a>. Though I knew I still wouldn't be able to drink even if it was negative since I couldn't be sure until AF. And I was sitting there wondering if there was any point of checking... then BAM there it was a BFP!

Things we always do:

• Crazily no matter the timing we only managed to BD only twice in each window since we started.

• Ovulation tests.

Things we did different this time:

• We used preseed and fertility tea. The tea might have just helped me lower my caffeine consumption. But as I never get EW CM I figured the preseed definitely helped. :)


• Sorry but the only symptoms I got were symptoms I get most months; Bloating, and tender boobs.