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So my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married, and what is more, getting married soon. He wants a traditional wedding. I would rather not, only because I, firstly, do not like being the center of attention; and secondly, I have a hard time stomaching the thought of spending a whole lot of money on a single day. Now please don’t get me wrong, I understand that a wedding is a big deal. This is not my first. With my first wedding, I eloped. My only regrets were that I did so with the wrong man (oh well, live and learn) and that neither his family nor mine even knew we were engaged - let alone getting married.

I would like to elope again, but this time do things differently. I want to let the family know of the engagement (when we get to that point) and then have a big reception afterwards. But my boyfriend is pretty set on doing the traditional wedding.

My question for you ladies who have eloped, or who have thought about it, is what are some ways that I can make an elopement/courthouse wedding feel more like a traditional wedding experience? I’m only looking for ideas that I can run by my boyfriend to see if I can convince him to take that route. If I cannot, I will of course do a traditional wedding as this is his first marriage. I’m just trying to find a compromise.

Also, sorry this is so long. Thank you to all who read all of the way through.