Boyfriend Picked a Fight and Left Me at 36 Weeks on NYE


He got angry with me because I allowed my 2 kids from previous marriage to eat upstairs in their room. From there, he told me I was a horrible mother. Their toilet is broken and I told them to use the downstairs bathroom and he actually tried to tell my child she couldnt use the downstairs bathroom. He then told me that he hoped the baby isnt his and that he doesnt care about her or me. This started out as a normal day until my kids came home from their dad's house. Then he flipped out on me. I cant allow a man to be unkind to my children. Its wrong. I asked him to take all of his things and leave. He did leave, but refused to take his things. He also said he will find plenty of women. I dont understand. At this point, I dont think I need to.