3 hour glucose test

Lauren • 💜Elly Grace•5/14/13• 💜Vivian Kate•3/26/18•

Unfortunately, I failed my 1 hour glucose test and now have to do the dreaded 3 hour test🙄 I didn’t fail by much and my Dr was pretty confident that I’ll pass the 3 hour but I can’t help but still be anxious about it. I’m scheduled to do the test next Friday, so I have about a whole week until I test again. My question is, should I shoot for a carb-free/low carb and low sugar diet, or continue to eat as I have? I’m trying to eat healthier as it is, and I know there’s really no preventing GD if I have it. Just wondering if there are any tips out there that helped you pass the 3 hour. Did you change your diet or eat as you did prior? I’m clueless with this and shocked that I failed as I passed my 1 hour with flying colors my first pregnancy and ate whatever I wanted.