To those ttc


I was 28 when I removed mirena. I started tracking bbt and ovulation. Well my periods were whack!

After a while I talked to my doctor since we weren’t ttc but we wanted just to ksee what happened. Then I lost my job so we stopped. Then we luckily came into some money (my husbands step dad died) and we started ttc again.

Well it still didn’t happen. My periods were 28-89 days long. My doctor suggested clomid. I got so tired of no periods, symptom spotting and bfn. Luckily my husband was supportive and I wasn’t crying upset or anything.

I was diagnosed with pcos. No weird hormones, no weird symptoms. Only acne at 29 and trouble losing weight. I was always 125 and ballooned to 142. I could see it in my face and arms and in pics. I wasn’t the skinny girl anymore and I hated it. I know it doesn’t sound heavy but I could always eat what I wanted and never gain weight. This was weird for me.

I started working out and reading a lot about food. I counted calories and weighed everything. I never ate pasta,bagels, chips or soda. I ordered healthy things on the menu. I did drink occasionally and had desserts regularly in moderation. After running and walking and other at home body weight exercises, I was losing weight. I got to 132. I was happy again.

After our annual family vacation we started 50 mg of clomid. My opk and temp told me I ovulated right on time. Still a bfn. My doctor wanted to up my dose but I said no.

Round 2- bfn. We even went in for an ultrasound to check my follicles. My doctor started me on metformin. I hated it. I had nausea and mild food aversions for 2 months. I had to eat on a schedule. I kept exercising although the metformin made me very tired. I finally adjusted after weeks and weeks. I finally lost the last 5 lbs.

Month 3 we increased my clomid to 100 mg and I was on month 2 of metformin. I had dizziness while taking the pills, hot flashes and fatigue. We bd on schedule and even too much. I was scared we bd Too many times. I checked my bbt and I ovulated late on my opk. We kept bd until my temp spiked. Then we waited.

One morning going to work I noticed cramping a week before af. Weird. Bloating and breast tenderness were normal. Still cramping the entire week. Friday my cramping stopped, I googled my symptoms.

That night the day before af, I took a test. I wasn’t positive when I ovulated and I still thought my af was 2-3 days away. I got a bfp. It was 11 pm. I was in shock and took out my expensive tests, first repose and a digital. The digital took forever!! Pregnant!

What the hell? I didn’t expect this to happen to me. We were about to send my husband in for testing and I was going to start trigger shots. I had no symptoms other than cramping. I couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t have thirst, nausea, fatigue, blue veins or increased cm. I called my doctor the next Monday. My appointment was at 8 weeks. Wtf! How could they wait so long? I told her I was on clomid and wanted to be seen earlier and she agreed. My appointment was 6 weeks 6 days and I was almost exactly 4 weeks pregnant. I had to wait and wonder until my first appointment.

I couldn’t believe it until we saw the baby on the ultrasound. Just a blob with a head. We heard the heartbeat too. It was real. I should mention that I bled after this test. It was pink. I called my doctor terrified and they said it’s normal for up to two weeks. It stopped after a week.

I felt ok up until 7 weeks. Just some fatigue. Then the nausea hit and it’s awful. I had pulling and cramping the entire time. My smell heightened and my breasts grew a cup. They stopped hurting and I still don’t have blue veins. I am rather pale so I still think that’s weird. My areolas are still fairly normal. I feel bloated all the time. I can’t cook and very particular with my food since it makes me nauseous. I am eating a bland diet still at 12 weeks.

My appointment at 9 weeks went well. The baby grew and the heartbeat was good. At 10 weeks I stopped metformin. I was scared I’d miscarry.

I’m 12 weeks and still feel fatigue, nausea, food aversions and increased smell. My breasts are slightly sore and my bras are tight. Our next appointment is next week and I’ll be 13 weeks and hopefully out of the woods.

We announced publicly at 11 weeks. If anything happened, we couldn’t stop it so it is what it is. We told our close friends and family the day after my bfp. We were so excited and so is everyone else since they knew we’ve been struggling for several years.

My point is, I’m now 31 and it’s been a long road. Luckily not too painful. Lots of google searches and symptom spotting. I called my doctor and listened to her. I started clomid and metformin and decided to trust my doctor. There is a reason clomid is widely used.

Please don’t rely on google, symptoms or bbt. Please see your doctor. You cannot change hormonal imbalance with only diet and exercise. It’s chemical. I wasn’t overweight and I lived a rather healthy lifestyle and wasn’t getting pregnant.

If your cycles are crazy, see your doctor.

Quit guessing and quit delaying. Be proactive! Take charge of your fertility. Read some books. Taking charge of your fertility is a great one. So is sperm meets the egg. It’s a free download and only 50 pages.

Good luck!!