Sex after D&C

Alison, 🌈 👶🏻 born 7/26/19

Hi all. I have a question and am a little concerned. I had a miscarriage in mid December and had a D&C; on 12/15. My husband and I dtd last night- it had been so long and I was craving intimacy. My doc did say to wait at least one period cycle but we caved in and did it yesterday and I haven’t gotten my period yet. It’s only been three weeks since I had the surgery, is this going to harm me in any way? I did ask the nurse and she said three weeks is fine, just wondering if this could harm me that if I possibly am pregnant again now could I suffer another miscarriage?? Seeing my doc for follow up appointment tomorrow but just wondering if anyone else had sex before one cycle after D&C; and got pregnant from it. Thanks!!🌈