Help me!! Sick husband and sick kids...


where do I begin.... the Wednesday before Christmas I met with DSS only to Find out that my youngest son 16 months old still can not come home.I have done everything they have said passed all drug tests, done multiple therapy sessions, and different kinds of therapy, gone to na/aa meetings..everything

( back story I was in a shelter and they would not give me a family room and he was out in foster care he is a product of assault) I get home and have to take my husband to the emergency room. At 1:30 am Thursday he was taken to the operating room for his first surgery in his life at 25. A few days later we come home and I am responsible for cleaning and packing the incision which is in his bottom. I am 31 Have been a firefighter and a police officer I have some medical experience. This is easier done on people you do not know. Now infection is coming out. It is freezing out. I have a stepson who I just consider my own his mother left when he was 2 months old. And rarely comes around. He thinks I am his mom. In this photo on the very far right.

I tell my husband don't leave he leaves for 3 hours( I have no way of contacting him His phone is messed up) He had just had a bath it was below freezing out and he goes with his baby mama and OUR son(just can't consider her his mom)....Now we are fussing I have to call his Mommy( the woman who raised him) to make it make sense. I get my period Christmas morning 3 days early. I am ill and in a lot of pain. His real mom comes to bring presents her and I don't always get along and that day was no exception. MY oldest 11 years old

also lives with us. She is being all extra and making snide remarks under her breath I Am Now really pissed. At this point I am sure my husband is getting the infection. She takes my 5 Yo with her and brings him back a few days later. NOW in this time we have both been off work Bc like I said 1st surgery ever 25 Yo.Food is getting low we are waiting on paychecks. She drops him back off on Wednesday I keep telling my husband we don't have enough food I can't handle him right now. He is sick, you need to go back to hospital and our 11 Yo is getting sick like I am drained I have had no sleep. She says she is coming back bringing food he tells her no. So the next morning I go to work all while trying to call the Drs and try to open one of the two restaurants I work for. I am there 55 min first shift I can take in over a week. I come home have a cab waiting had to call his mom She going to tell say while hanging up this little bitch is getting on my nerves...ok it's Thursday after Christmas ladies I take him back to hospital and 1 week and 12 hours from the first surgery of his life he is back on the operating table. 2 surgeries 1 week apart 1 week and 12 hours. Same incision point and no there is a seton in that goes in his anus and back thru the incision point. I now have 2 sick kids barely any food bc no work no pay and we were in hospital till new years day this time. My husband can barely walk or anything alone. I must clean his bottom. And to top it off my 61 yo mom is in a home and doesn't speak I have learned theyare abusing, negleacting, and stealing her clothes. They just tried to send her home to my 85 Yo dad who can't see Really, can't drive, and is the beginning to show the signs of dementia all because her insurance lapsed and they didn't tell us. They are an hour away from me and there is snow on the ground. I can't leave to do anything right now for too long bc he being my husband can't Do much and our kids are sick.Ladies can you please Help with some advice as to not lose my mind. I already have high anxiety levels without all this....what do I do and there is so much more . His baby mama's parents were at the hospital asking the surgeons questions. I had t threaten them with restraining orders to get them to leave us alone. His baby mama being calling him at 2 or 3 am. She never ask about our son. She only came back from the West coast to the east coast for my husband not our son. My husband has been texting his ex and she was feeding his baby mama info for court. That is why her parents were at the hospital and they only want her to get him so they can take him. None of them have been around for 5 uears. Like what do I do I feel so disrespected. HELP HELP HELP