Dating Someone In Jail/Prison

Glow Ladies,

I Know That This May Be Very Awkward & Completely Off Topic But, I’m In Need Of Some Advice.. I’ve Just Started Online Dating & Started Talking To This Really Sweet Guy. We’ve Gotten To Know Each Other & Talk Over The Phone (Texting/Calling) Just Vibing.. We Have So Much In Common & I’m Really Feeling Him But, The Only Thing Is, Is That He’s In Prison.. He’s Explained It To Me That He Had Made A Mistake By Taking Up For His So-called Bestfriend That Really Wasn’t & He Had Took The Raft Because Of Him. I’d Love To Get To Know Him & See Where It Goes From There Because I’m Starting To Really, Really Like Him.. I Know That We Don’t Know Each Other By A Can Of Paint But, By Us Talking Everyday I’m Really Feeling Him. I’m Kinda Nervous Because He’s Sending Me A Visitation Form To Fill Out To Come See Him & Spend Time Together.. I Just Wanna Know Am I Doing The Right Thing? Am I Being Crazy? Should I Go Visit Him? Should I Give Him A Chance? Ladies Please Help Me Out.. But, Please Don’t Be Rude About It. Thank You All In Advance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️