Due Date/ Conception Date

liz • I’m Liz 🙃 Stay at home mommy to Carter Bentley born August 10, 2018💙

Okay so I have known I’m pregnant since about November 26th, I knew before my missed period. My last period was Oct. 3th 100% sure. I had sex on Oct. 29th and I’m almost positive that’s when we conceived our baby, I think that because we don’t have sex often and I mostly keep track of it on here and there are no other dates that really match up to me being able to know of my pregnancy by Nov. 26th unless I somehow completely forget about a night or something like that, lol.

Anyways, I already had one ultrasound which was supposed to be when I was about 7 weeks pregnant, when I got the ultrasound done (Dec. 18th) they told me that I was only measuring at 5weeks. They changed my due date from August 6th to August 12th. I’m just wondering if there is any possible way I am right and the baby was just measuring small? I just feel like it makes no since how I would have known and gotten a positive on a at home pregnancy test that soon. I have another ultrasound tomorrow but just over thinking tonight. If I’m right I think that would make me around 12 weeks pregnant not only 9. The picture I posted is from Dec. 18th. The heartbeat was 96bpm.