A blessing.

My ex and I had planned for this baby. Everything was fine. We were happy. Or so I thought. He got fed up with me, told everyone I used him to get pregnant. Said i didn't want to have sex with him (I was throwing up multiple times a day and was too tired). He ended up cheating, putting his hands on me, taking the car, and trying to take the apartment as well. He told me he wants nothing to do with my daughter now and believes she's not even his. Well time passes. And I have met the most amazing man. He walked into my life at the best time. I knew I deserved better, so I gave it a shot. And here we are. I'm over 6 months pregnant. He calls my daughter his. He's told all his friends how excited he is to meet her. He asked after a while if it was alright for him to call her his. Of course I was alright with it. I've known him for years. I can tell she loves him so much already. He talks to her and rubs my stomach and she follows where his hand goes. He is our blessing. And please no negativity. He is my happiness and after everything I've been through I think I deserve a little bit of it.