Raising loving and kind children!

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Have caught glimpses of a reality show of late...... a show were middle aged women belittle, bully, berate and emotionally destroy each other. They call each other names, reduce each other to tears, imitate each other in nasty voices and exclude each other from their pretentious parties or holidays.... I thought it was an isolated yet disgusting once off only to find that most channels have this droll, pathetic television for our entertainment, devastatingly enough it isn't one pathetic show we need to switch from its many. We pay these people to glorify and publicise bullying for our entertainment then we are shocked when our children grow up bullying other children?? I was severely bullied as a child and a teen. Chased through shopping centres, beaten up in public, called names then told by teachers to remember the old saying 'sticks and stones may break my bones...' unfortunately the end of this sentence could not be further from the truth, words can and do hurt. They leave lasting scars that can't be healed and plant seeds of self doubt in impressionable minds.

We are raising a strong, independent little girl and we will raise her to be kind, gentle and accepting of all. To include everyone and never make anyone feel they were 'picked last for the team'. We need to raise our children to be loving and accepting of each other, respectful and gentle yet strong willed and independent. So we are imitating 'Rosie the Riveter' today because #wecandoit, we can raise children to love each other not bully each other. Change starts with us, the adults.

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