Worst news of my life.

okay so i found out 2 days ago i have chlamydia. i lost had sex with a guy i liked last year for only a couple minutes because i wasn't comfortable with him. long story short i have a boyfriend now who i love very very much but he was a little bit of a "ladies man" before we started dating and had 10 sexual partners. before we did anything i made him get tested and he came back clean. I never even thought of getting tested because i hadn't really been with anyone before. When the doctor called me my heart shattered into pieces because i have been living with this for almost a year and symptoms just started showing up. I've been crying since i found out.

i feel like dirt. I was so quick to judge him when in reality it was me who was the dirty one. Seeing the look on my moms face (i tell my mom everything) and hearing her cry broke me. When she looks at me all i see is disappointment in her eyes. My boyfriend took it well and told me it would be okay because we both got the medication for it and it will be gone in 4 weeks. but it still hurts me so much knowing i hurt the person i love most. I don't know how i'll ever be able to talk to his parents again.

i feel so worthless and guilty and i don't know what to do anymore.

i learned my lesson and pray it never happens again.