Idk what to think

I’ve known this guy for three years and always had a crush on him, I didn’t think he liked me because he always treated me like a sister. Well he went back to his hometown and he found me on Instagram and asked to follow me, liked pretty much all my pictures of myself, weeks later he messages me after I got this stellar haircut I got and said that he really liked it. I then told him thank you and that I missed him, but then he said he missed me more with a 😘 emoji. He’s currently across the country but is coming back to visit and confessed that he’s always liked me, idk if he’ll come back just to hook up and never talk to me again or if he’ll actually want to date long distance. He makes these promises of going out to dinner and playing lots of golf but of course that can just be a ploy to get what he wants. What should I ask or say to get him to answer without making a huge deal out of it? I just don’t wanna be used.