Finally my turn ❤️


So my due date was December 29th, but baby showed no signs she was wanting to come out.

New Year's Day I had reduced movements so went to hospital to be monitored. There we discovered she was finally engaged so had a sweep done.

My induction was booked for Friday afternoon (05/01/2018)

Turn up and get a scan to check baby's position... she was breech! How I don't know as I was relatively small.

So everything went a bit Pete Tong and I was scheduled for an 'emergency' Caesarian on Saturday.

Nil by mouth of food from 0230 and drink from 0630. Get to hospital just before 0800 and basically have to wait for a gap to appear - there's only a couple of spaces left from the weekend and this current week.

At about 1400 the staff arrive to put my cannula in. I'm so thirsty and hungry at this point and the ward is stupidly warm.

At 1455 just as my dad and my OHs parents arrive, I'm brought down to the theatre.

At 1510 my beautiful girl is brought arse first into this world weighing 8lbs 5 1/2oz

After a overnight stay in hospital we were discharged.

Day three/four has been the hardest so far. I'm breastfeeding and my milk had just come in so changed for baby, meaning she was not happy all night and kept us up 😔

It's currently 0500 and she has been perfect for day four/five 🤞💗👶🏻