been trying to start a family.


hello all. me and my husband has been trying to have a baby for a year or so now and haven't got any luck. he says we should keep trying to for now and later if we still dont have a baby then see a doctor. the problem im having is that we have a big gap in our age, that scares me alot. he tells me all the time that guys can have kids till they're 70 years old. but hell i aint waiting that long fudge that. So now since you read that, ill tell you guys what happened, and why i chose him. it was the day before christmas me and bestfriend was at home talking stories. she got a phone call from a dude she knew who wanted to hang out. so we got ready, while waiting for him to pick us up. he tells her oh my friend is with me so we can all hang out and have a good time. i thought something wasnt right from the get go, but she said no everything going be fine. i said okay. so he gets us. we end up driving to a school to fricken chill so we get there talking stories laughing then drinks come out and we drink and drink. i normally drink vodka so i knew i would be okay. so the night is going good. we joking till our friend ends up trying to play tag and chase us around im laughing so hard i sit down while they run around. next we hear a phone ringing and it was my bestfriends brother, he actually got a call from her apparently while we was playing and started yelling at her and was talking for a good 20 mins. while she was talking on the phone our friend disappeared and was only me and his friend. well his friend came by me and was kissing me rubbing on me and everything i told him stop and was pushing his hands off, but that didnt work so he ended up coming on top of me and put his left hand over my mouth and using his body to hold me down. i tried so hard to get him off, i was kicking, punching and nothing worked. he ended up using his right hand to pull off my leggings and panty off. he ripped if off and started to rape me.. my so called bestfriend was still on the phone with her brother and his friend still gone and all i could imagine him killing me after, so i just gave up and cried the whole time before he was done he whispered in my ear "daddy will be back" and i just cried more. i thought to myself if i kill myself he wont be able to hurt me again. he ended up finishing and got up and walked away. i got up looking for my best friend and when i did she looked all gone.. she was crying and saw me almost naked and crying too. she called the cops they came we did everything.. caught the guy. he was in jail. we have tro on him . so after that i seen a therapist that was good and 2 years later i met my husband. i was working at burger king, late shift so not that busy but during that time our store was going through renovations. so the first night i was working i was cleaning so fast i wanted to leave, the second night they was watching and i kept looking away or walking away. i felt so uncomfortable i told my manager and she told them to come back when we left. and they did. it was like 2 weeks. later that i ended having to talk to them because i could carry the trash so i had to ask them to do it for me. then my husband came by me and started talking to me. trying to ask me okn a date and i said no i dont date guys i work with. and he laughed and we dont work together i said same company sorry. but it was when i had to walk from my job to other side to meet my sister. he ended up telling his boss who is his uncle that he going walk with me so he did and you know i felt so comfortable after that it was history, and 3 years later we are married. i thank him everyday cause if not idk how i would of ended up... sorry so long but thank you if you read it!!!!